Helpful Tips for your well being

Hydration & its impact on the body-
*dehydration is #1 reason for fatigue
*keeps your joints healthy, systems more effective, skin
clear,digestion more efficient (ie regular)
What should I drink?
*water-up to 60%of adult body is water so must keep it hydratedsuggested
6-8 glasses of water per day-I typically carry a 24 oz
bottle with me at all times so I can gauge my intake for the day
*no sugary drinks such as cola
*a lot of discussion on the effects of caffeine & alcohol-I believe
the current lore is count your coffee/tea as 1/2 quantity i.e. 8 oz
cup of coffee equals 4 oz fluid intake
*alcohol always in moderation-my belief is do not deny yourself
what you enjoy as you doom yourself to failure but rather indulge
Food intake-read labels
* eat whole fresh foods as much as possible i.e. fresh as opposed
to frozen or canned vegetables
* have fresh salads every day-be mindful of amount of dressing
you use
* fresh fruit every day-can be in a shake
* avoid cold cuts & processed foods as much as possible
including sugar & refined flour
* eat small amounts frequently-if you allow yourself to become
hungary, chances are you will eat more than you would have,
had you consumed smaller amounts & not let yourself get to the
“starving” mode. According to my family, I also become “cranky”
when I go too long without food
* All that being said, I love a good steak, baked potato-no sour